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Create social media videos, content videos, sales videos and online course videos in minutes.

The fastest way to create the videos your business needs


Videos to generate traffic


Videos to build trust


Videos to convert visitors into customers


Videos for your online courses

Here’s how it works…


Step 1: Choose a template

First decide what type of video you need for your business and select a proven template to get the job done.

Content Samurai contains over 48 templates for social media videos, content videos, sales videos, course videos, and many more!

Step 2: Drop in your text

Your text can be a blog post, an article, a sales script, text for an ad or even a property listing.

Just drop in your text, hit the Create button and watch the magic happen!

Step 3: Tweak your scenes

Content Samurai then uses the power of Artifical Intelligence to automatically transform your text into the scenes of your video!

You can quickly review and tweak each scene until they’re perfect!

Step 4: Add a voice track

Content Samurai offers four powerful options for adding a voice track to your video. You can…

  • Create a music only video
  • Record your voice over in the app
  • Use AutoVoice to transform text to speech
  • Upload a pre-recorded voice track

Step 5: Add music and branding

Finally, add your logo as a watermark to brand and protect your video.

Select a background music track, watch a preview to make sure everything is flawless, and hit Generate!

Example videos created with Content Samurai

Build Trust

Create Your Course

Generate Traffic

Generate More Leads

Earn More Commissions

“Users view more than 500 million hours of video each day on YouTube” – Business Insider

What Content Samurai Users Are Saying

When I signed onto Content Samurai, I was delighted to discover that this platform actually lives up to every promise.

I have ZERO design skills and therefore have paid thousands of dollars over the years for video outsourcing.

With Content Samurai, I had a professional video (based on a recent blog post) within an hour of logging into this revolutionary software.

Mike Budrant

I was eager to try out “Content Samurai”. I just finished creating my first video and boy, am I impressed!

I had a number of questions and as with any product this company puts out, the support is excellent. My questions get answered in record time, which is very important to me.

Bravo guys!!! You have a home run with this one!

Robert Landau

Turning blog posts into videos is HUGE! Content Samurai really blew my mind with all the possibilities… With auto images, auto bolding, auto sync, auto animation, it doesn’t get any easier than this.

My very first video with Content Samurai has over 70,000 views right now… Content Samurai literally makes it so easy, and it looks so professional and people are just blown away every time. I mean I love it, it’s like my secret weapon 🙂

Franky Surroca

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